July 10, 2015 – Civil War – Ocean Speedway – Watsonville, CA

KWS Winged 410 Sprint Cars Ocean Speedway Howard Keading Classic Night 1

Brad Furr (Fast time), Justin Sanders, Heath Dunkerken, Bud Keading, DJ Netto, Andy Forsberg, Shane Golobic, Colby Copeland, Kurt Nelson, Dominic Scelzi, Coen Shaw, Ryan Bernal, Johnathan Allard, Kyle Hirst, Danny Malfattie, Landon Hurst, Collin Markle, Arron Reutzel, Bud Keading, Heath Dunkerken, Dustin Golobic, Chace Johnson, Scott Parker, Austin Ligget, Brent Keading, Sean Beker, Jason Chisolm, Jeremy Chisolm, Jerry Bonoma, Tommy Tarlton, Bradley Terell, Colby Copeland.

Heat One: Shane Golobic and Andy Forsberg led the field down to the green as Forsberg gets the jump, but Golobic comes out of turn 2 side by side with Forsberg as Golobic gets the lead going into turn 3 and goes on to win.
Heat Two: Coen Shaw and Ryan Bernal led the field to green as Bernal and Shaw go side by side and Bernal takes the lead, Justin Sanders battles for 2nd with Shaw, Johnathan Allard gets under Shaw for 2nd as Ryan Bernal takes the win.
Heat Three: Collin Markle and Arron Reutzel led the field to green as Markle and Reutzel make contact in turn 1 and Markle grabs the lead, Reutzel throws a slider on Markle in turn 2 as Heath Dunkerken follows to take 2nd from Markle and Bud Keading slides past him to take 3rd, Caution for Chace Johnson, restart as Reutzel continues to lead and takes the win.
Heat Four: Austin Ligget and Sean Beker led the field to green as they go side by side Beker take the top spot and the win.

Semi: Bradley Terell and Kyle Hirst brings the field to green as Hirst gets the jump but Terell takes the lead on lap 1, Jeremy Chisolm and Dustin Golobic battle for the final transfer as it goes to Chisolm, but Bradley Terell wins.

Dash: Sean Beker and Brad Furr led the field to green as Furr gets the lead out of turn 2 as Heath Dunkerken flips driver was ok, restart as Furr regains the lead, battle for the 4th spot between Justin Sanders and DJ Netto, as Brad Furr gets the win.

Feature: Brad Furr and Sean Beker lead the field down as Furr gets a jump and the lead and Shane Golobic slides past Beker for 2nd, Justin Sanders slides Beker for 3rd, Golobic and Furr battle for the lead, lapped traffic Golobic takes the lead and Sanders grabs 2nd, Sean Beker spins in turn 4 as the caution comes out, Golobic gets the jump but Sanders takes the lead, slow lap traffic allows Golobic to close in on the leader Sanders as Justin Sanders goes on to win the A Main.

Heat Winners: 1) Shane Golobic, 2) Ryan Bernal, 3) Arron Reutzel, 4) Sean Beker
Semi Winner: Bradly Terell
Dash Winner: Brad Furr
Top 3 in Feature:
1. Justin Sanders
2. Shane Golobic
3. DJ Netto